Advanced Diagnostic

& Laboratory Services for Pets

Northpark Animal Hospital offers a full range of diagnostic capabilities, including a well-equipped veterinary laboratory, digital radiology services, ultrasound, and endoscopy.

Highly trained staff and a well–equipped hospital allow us to perform the vast majority of diagnostic and medical procedures pets require. Whether dealing with emergency situations, critical care patients, or managing chronic diseases such as diabetes and epilepsy, our doctors and staff are able to offer unsurpassed veterinary care and compassion to our patients.

Our internal medicine cases benefit greatly from advanced diagnostic procedures, including ultrasound and a full range of endoscopic procedures.

Ultrasound provides a noninvasive diagnostic method that is free from side effects and provides details not possible with X–rays. Ultrasound is particularly useful in diagnosing abdominal diseases, abdominal tumors, and heart diseases.

Endoscopy, which is less invasive than surgery, is useful for the examination, biopsy, and treatment of conditions such as cancer and inflammatory diseases. Northpark Animal Hospital is in a select group of veterinary hospitals offering a full range of endoscopic procedures.

Endoscopic procedures regularly performed include:

  • Laparoscopic procedures—Abdominal organ inspection and biopsy collection are minimally-invasive alternatives to abdominal exploratory surgery. We also perform minimally-invasive outpatient ovary removal (ovariectomy) as a safer, less painful alternative to traditional surgery.
  • GI procedures—Useful in diagnosing cancer and inflammatory bowel disease, these include pharyngoscopy, esophagoscopy, gastroscopy, duodenoscopy, and colonoscopy.
  • Respiratory system procedures—Rhynoscopy, laryngoscopy, tracheoscopy, and bronchoscopy, are useful in identifying cancers, foreign bodies, and inflammatory diseases.
  • Urinary system procedures—Urethroscopy and cystoscopy assist greatly with the identification of urinary cancers, bladder stones, and anatomical defects contributing to incontinence, and bladder infections.

The skilled use of an endoscope often allows the retrieval of foreign objects without the need for surgery.

Northpark Animal Hospital applies the latest in advanced technology for the optimum in disease diagnosis and treatment. Visit our pain management page to learn how we keep your pet comfortable during chronic illness, surgical recovery, and disease treatment protocols.

Northpark Animal Hospital

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