Keeping Kingwood TX Pets Healthy

At Northpark Animal Hospital, we work with you to prevent or minimize pet illness through a program of preventive healthcare designed to maximize your pet’s quality of life and extend his or her healthy life as long as possible. With a regular schedule of veterinary care and support, your animal companion has the best chance to live a long and vigorous life.

Disease prevention is the foundation for health and wellness in pets. The essential elements of disease prevention include the components outlined for you here and offered to all our pets as part of a comprehensive wellness package. Protecting your pet from disease is the result of continual attention to these areas of wellness care.

Physical Exams

The gradual onset of health problems in an apparently healthy pet often goes unnoticed. By the time outward symptoms appear, the illness may be more difficult or costly to diagnose and treat. In addition, as pets age they are more likely to develop conditions which, if diagnosed early, can be reversed or controlled.

Pets age much faster than we do and a disease can progress significantly in a short period of time. A thorough physical examination is recommended for adult pets once a year; more frequent physical exams are necessary for puppies and kittens during the time of rapid growth and organ development. These exams are coordinated with vaccine schedules. Adult patients with chronic conditions, including those on special prescription diets and medications, may require semi-annual exams.

To learn more, read this article about wellness exams for pets, written by the experts at AAHA.


Progressive innovations in veterinary vaccines allow your pet to be protected from most major diseases. Many immunizations and preventive treatments are available that did not exist just a few years ago. Vaccine protocols are continually updated and modified based on current veterinary research. Our veterinarians will discuss protocols with you and recommend the appropriate vaccine schedule with your pet’s best interest in mind.

Northpark Animal Hospital offers our feline patients the only FDA–approved, non-adjuvanted rabies vaccine. Recent studies support the use of this vaccine to help prevent vaccine-induced fibrosarcomas.

The professionals at AAHA offer these articles about the topic of disease prevention in pets:

Parasite Detection, Prevention, and Control

Controlling parasites is an important part of keeping your pet healthy. Some pet parasites can cause problems for people too. Keeping them out of your environment is not only good for your pet, but also for you and your family as well. Parasites require persistent year-round management in our moderate Gulf Coast climate.

Internal parasites range from intestinal worms that can be identified through fecal exams to heartworms, a potentially life–threatening parasitic infection that is spread by mosquitos.

Fortunately, effective preventive medications are available to protect pets from heartworms and can be started when your pet is only a few weeks old. We utilize the latest and most effective products for parasite control. These include monthly oral heartworm preventative, some of which also provide a measure of control for fleas and internal parasites as well.

Learn more-read an article from AAHA about External and Internal Parasites and visit this informative website from the Companion Animal Parasite Council.

For the latest information regarding prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of heartworms, visit the American Heartworm Society website.

Nutritional Counseling

Pet nutrition has significantly advanced over the past 20 years, and now formulated diets exist that can assist in managing a host of conditions including heart, liver, and urinary problems, as well as allergies and joint diseases. Our veterinarians have an excellent understanding and appreciation of the benefits of an appropriate diet and will be happy to discuss the specific nutritional needs of your pet.

In addition to specific veterinary nutrition classes as part of his pre-vet curriculum and vet school training, Dr. Hebert earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry. As a result, he is uniquely qualified to advise you as to the makeup and benefits of the hundreds of foods and specialized diets now available.

For the latest in pet nutrition, read the highlights of AAHA’s Nutritional Assessment Guidelines for Dogs & Cats.

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