With Summer Pet Safety Precautions in Place, the Livin’ Is Easy

summer pet safetyWe consider ourselves pretty lucky to live in a subtropical climate. Sure, we have an occasional cold snap in the winter, but we’d be hard-pressed to hear anybody complaining about it. The other side of this coin is a scorching-hot summer. Triple-digit temperatures and high humidity have the potential to dangerously impact pets. With our summer pet safety measures, you can prevent certain health hazards far past Labor Day.

First, the Obvious

When the sun is beating down, the car is no place for a pet. Internal temperatures can reach 120-degrees in no time, leaving unattended pets at risk of heat exhaustion or heatstroke. If untreated, brain damage, organ failure, or even death can occur. Continue…

Should I Stay or Should I Go? Recognizing a True Pet Emergency

pet emergencyWaiting for troubling symptoms to simmer down may not always yield terrible results. After all, you probably wouldn’t want to force your cat into the travel kennel, drive him or her to our hospital, only to find out that the terrible retching you heard earlier was just a hairball.

Pets, like us, endure minor illness or injury from time to time, and it’s not uncommon to “wait it out” to see whether symptoms either progress or subside. If you find yourself in a discomforting gray area, it may be best to bring your pet in (or, at the very least, call). But knowing the tell-tale signs of a pet emergency is equally important. Continue…